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Using mylvmbackup, debian 9 with mariadb

If you run mylvmbackup with mariadb on debian9 with the defaults values, you will have this:


But it is a symlink pointing to :


And mylvmbackup can’t work with that:

Could not copy /etc/mysql/my.cnf to /var/cache/mylvmbackup/mnt/backup-cnf-20171025_151739_mysql: File exists

Here is a bug report mylvmbackup symlink my.cnf


You just need to setup the mycnf as follow, in the /etc/mylvmbackup.conf or directly in the command line (with –mycnf= ):


Done ! Now mylvmbackup stop complaining 🙂



2 options to install elasticsearch plugins with ansible

Little post today, to remember, if you want to install plugins for elasticsearch with ansible (or others automation tool) you need to pass:

--batch --silent

According to the –help option:

Option Description
------ -----------
-E <KeyValuePair> Configure a setting
-b, --batch Enable batch mode explicitly, automatic confirmation of
security permission
-h, --help show help
-s, --silent show minimal output
-v, --verbose show verbose output
help for elasticsearch plugin install

Here my ansible task:

# install x-pack for elasticsearch
- name: Install x-pack for elasticsearch
  command: bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack --silent --batch
      chdir: /usr/share/elasticsearch
ansible task install x-pack elasticsearch

And to install x-pack in Kibana:

# install x-pack for kibana
- name: Install x-pack for kibana
  command: bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack --silent
      chdir: /usr/share/kibana


As always improvements en comments are welcome 🙂

How to build latest heimdall – samsung galaxy grand prime SM-G530FM – Failed to download PIT file

I have a Samsung galaxy grand prime (aka SM-G530FZ), and I want to install a new custom rom.

I want to use Heimdall to install a custom recovery, as usual I search on xda-developers (best mobile resources) and find several thread about Galaxy grand prime.

But when I want to install the recovery with the simple command :

heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img

I had the following error:

ERROR: Failed to send request to end PIT file transfer!
ERROR: Failed to download PIT file!

Solution is to build heimdall from sources.

  1. Clone github repository
  2. Build
  3. Make
  4. profit

1. Clone heimdall repository

First create a directory for heimdall:

mkdir heimdallFromSources

And clone:

git clone

2. Build it

From the linux/README

Appendix B – Installing Heimdall Suite from Source:

1. First make sure you have installed build-essential, cmake, zlib1g-dev,
qt5-default, libusb-1.0-0-dev and OpenGL (e.g libgl1-mesa-glx and

NOTE: Package names may not be absolutely identical to those above.

2. Open a terminal and navigate to the directory you downloaded,
or extracted, Heimdall to.

3. Enter the following commands to compile Heimdall Suite:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

Make sure you have all requirements from the 1 point and follow point 3

cd Heimdall
mkdir build
cd Build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .. (note the .. are important)

After that

cd libpit
cd ..
cd heimdall

If all run without issue, you will have a bin folder, with heimdall in it.


./heimdall flash --RECOVERY path/to/you/recovery.img

That’s for heimdall !

After rebooting to the custom recovery with volume up + home + power I can’t user it, because touchscreen is not functionnal !

To save your time this is the TWRP functional for me (01/05/2017)

In this very moment I try to install the resurrection remix, I have tried 3 version so far, and no touchscreen … I let you know if I find a working release, if not, I think I will try lineageos

Resources :