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Install open Jarvis on OSMC (raspbian 9.6)

Just for fun, I want to test openjarvis.

I have a Raspberry Pi with OSMC running my media center, and I use it often to try things, so this time is the turn of openjarvis.

But OSMC does not have all the needed package, and the how to install is old for openjarvis some of the package have changed.

I have not saved all my step, I think there are all here, but if you follow this and you have some issue, tell me in the comment.


sudo apt-get install -y git # install git if you don't have it already - needed with OSMC
git clone
cd jarvis/

To use snowboy without needed to build it for your system, you can do this dirty hack, it’s just for testing and fun, at your own risk 🙂

In the stt_engines/snowboy/ file, you delete ligne 14 and 17 (you delete the IF condition on the debian_version)


elif [ "$jv_os_name" == "osmc" ]; then #628
            if [[ "$(cat /etc/debian_version)" -ge 8 ]]; then


elif [ "$jv_os_name" == "osmc" ]; then #628

Before launching ./ you need to install alsa-utils, and libttspico-utils

sudo apt-get install alsa-utils libttspico-utils

If I have forget nothing, you can launch ./ and the installation will succeed 🙂

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