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Permission denied creating inbox file in /var/mail – dovecot

Hi !

this morning I have seen this error :

Permission denied creating inbox file in /var/mail

I have done a basic setup of dovecot + postfix.
At the time to test my new mailbox, after added a new user, no luck, and this message in the log.

Solution is really simple, as the mailboxes are owned by the user, and the group is set to « mail »

[pastacode lang= »bash » manual= »-rw——-%20%201%20amavis%20%20%20%20mail%20%20%20%20836%20Jun%2019%20%202015%20amavis%0A-rw——-%20%201%20jenkins%20%20%20mail%20442270%20Sep%2030%2000%3A00%20jenkins%0A-rw——-%20%201%20root%20%20%20%20%20%20mail%20634190%20Sep%2030%2000%3A12%20root%0A-rw——-%20%201%20technique%20mail%20%20%20%20%20%200%20Sep%2030%2014%3A43%20technique » message= » » highlight= » » provider= »manual »/]

You just need to add your user to the « mail » group :

[pastacode lang= »bash » manual= »addgroup%20technique%20mail » message= » » highlight= » » provider= »manual »/]

Where « technique » is my username.

That’s all !


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